Once production boards and cables have been fully inspected, they enter the testing process. For customers who want us to test 100% of their product, we develop a unique test station to thoroughly check every input, output, sensor, display, button, etc. on that board. During this process, custom test software is loaded into the board installed on the test stand. Technicians follow the prompting of the test code to make sure everything passes. If any failures are found, then the problem is investigated and resolved as quickly as possible.

We created this process of testing product over the years because we want to put our best foot forward. Our work is our reputation and the fewer issues that make it to the end-user, the better our everyone’s success becomes. This testing process is how some of our clients can offer exceptional warranties to their end-users. Even though this step is optional, we highly recommended you take advantage of it to increase the overall reliability of your product.