Privacy Policy

Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. has a strong commitment to privacy. We frown upon our personal information being shared as much as the next person. The following few paragraphs are the specifics of our commitment to your privacy.

Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. has web pages located at, and This privacy policy is in reference specifically to these pages. Any reference to “the Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. web page”, “our web page”, or “our web site” is referring to these three addresses, and only these three addresses.

Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. will never share any of your private information with any outside organization unless we are required to do so by law. If you are asked for any personal information (like name and e-mail addresses) it will be used by Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. to contact you directly. This is done with the understanding that you have provided this information specifically for this purpose, and only this purpose. You will NOT be added to any mailing lists, and you will not ever hear from Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. in the future unless it is to follow up on a project previously discussed with you.

In the case of any links contained on our site, this privacy policy does not apply. We obviously have no control over what someone else does with your information once you leave our web page.

There are no advertisements on the Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. web page. No tracking is ever done on our part to target you for advertisements.

Our web site is hosted by an outside company at Generic information (not personally identifiable information) about every visitor to our web page is recorded by 1and1, and placed into reports that are accessible by us. The information consists of the type of web browser used to access our web pages, the operating system your computer is running under, the web site you were referred to us by (the location of any link you might have clicked on to get to our web site), how many pages were visited, and any errors that might have occurred while you were visiting our pages. This information is used solely to allow us to improve our web site, as well as to allow us to find out how the traffic on our web site is finding us.

Privacy Policy