No matter how good the design, there will always be a need for repairs. When that time comes, our technicians will always be here to evaluate the return.

Thomas Instrumentation has always offered to evaluate its manufactured products for repair. Unfortunately, not all products can be repaired and will need to be either retired or replaced. We are happy to say that we’ve had very few repairs over the years in comparison to the number of products we have in circulation. Due to our small volume of repairs, customers typically have a quick turn-around time for them.

All boards in for repair are fixed, updated in circuitry and software if necessary, thoroughly tested, and returned. We also keep paperwork on every repair that clearly states the problem, the fix, replacement parts, and any updates done. We retain this paperwork in order to catch any repeat failures that may indicate a design flaw somewhere in the system.

We’ve also repaired plenty of boards that were not of our design. Customers are always welcome to contact us about their product. The next step would be to send in their product and any documentation for us to evaluate. If we can repair it, we will. Pricing on all repairs is typically the cost of labor time and replacement materials. For boards not of our design, there is also an initial startup fee that covers time to review documentation and familiarize ourselves with the product.