Thomas Instrumentation is excited to move further into the multimedia industry with our various touch screen controllers. We began working in this industry when a customer approached us to work with them on the design of a touch screen poker table.

The following is a product developed for this market:

Phone Charging Stations

We had a customer who hired us to update their phone charging stations with faster charging speeds and a slimmer design. We ended up doing not only manufacturing their charging boards, but also completing the box build of the station.

Pokermatic Table

This touch screen gaming system was designed for sale to casinos. It could seat up to 10 players, each of whom had their own smaller touch screen for displaying personal card hands. It also had a larger center display for showing the pot, player names, etc. The system included a special power and computing system to handle the 11 displays and had its own security system to keep people from tampering with the device.