Thru-Hole PCB & Wire-Harness Assembly

Our company has been manufacturing quality thru-hole boards and wire-harnesses since its creation in 1971. We have 3 full-time assemblers who take great pride in their work. It’s not just about functionality and quality, but also aesthetics to them.

All products, whether they have Thru-Hole parts or not, pass through the Assembly Department. The assemblers depanelize boards with the De-Panelizer (shown below), assign & place serial numbers, and create official batches for in-house traceability. Once a batch is created, then our assemblers start work soldering any thru-hole parts such as connectors, jumpers, keypads, buttons, displays, heatsinks, etc. We also created batches for our wire-harness work to ensure the same traceability. Each batch of product has an official batch card that travels with it. This is where anyone working on the product logs their time and/or records any extra details.

To ensure repeatability and accuracy in every product batch, our PCB Designer creates layouts for the assemblers to follow. These layouts are specific to each product and list all the parts to be added as well as where each is located on the board. Wire-Harness layouts are quite similar calling out the parts connected at the ends of the wires as well as the length, color, and type of wire. Our assemblers also create two models for every product we manufacture. One model is for the Assembly Department and the other is for the Technical Department. This is just another way we ensure our customers get the same quality product every single time.


Wire Harness