Thomas Instrumentation first started working in this market roughly 10 years ago. Our current customer in this field is ISO 9001 certified and their equipment had to pass MET Lab certifications. With our years of engineering experience, manufacturing traceability, and in-house EMI/EMC test equipment, they were able to quickly pass their electrical product safety certs. This got their product to market much faster. If it was true for them, then it can be true for you too.

With our in-house EMI/EMC equipment and timely access to our engineers, the customer’s roller equipment was able to quickly pass its electrical product safety MET Lab certification. This reduced cost by only having to submit the product once to the lab and greatly decreased the product’s time-to-market. The customer was so pleased with Thomas Instrumentation’s work, response time, and pricing that they are presently in talks with us to upgrade the electronics in potentially all of their equipment.

The following is a product developed for this market:

Touch Screen Roller Equipment

These roller racks are meant to be slowly and precisely rotated to allow for proper cell culture growth. They are used to develop a lot of the pharmaceutical products people use every day. Thomas Instrumentation was asked to update the original system to a touch screen system as well as a more modern, less expensive one. Thus, we ended up designing, programming, and manufacturing 3 boards: one touch screen display, one Input/Output (I/O) board, and one Segmented LED display board. In these projects, the I/O board is the main brains of the system controlling the motor drive, monitoring temperatures, etc. in near real-time. This lets customers choose to pair the I/O with either the fancy touch screen or the less-expensive LED display. For the touch screen interface, our customer provided custom graphics and a layout of how they wanted everything to look and flow. Our software department then used that information to create the fully functioning screen they have now.