Christopher Meyers

When we went looking for a designer to help us upgrade some of our products to touchscreen control, we got a lot of “too expensive” and “too complicated” responses from groups we had used in the past. We were happily surprised to find Thomas Instrumentation nearby. They had the knowledge and experience in touchscreen technology we needed to give our products a competitive edge. No longer did we have to compromise on what we really wanted. Thomas delivered exactly what we had in mind. Customer feedback to our new products has been very positive.

Brian Canna

I have worked with Thomas Instrumentation on multiple high profile electromechanical design projects. Both times they exceeded expectations and stayed within the budget. They really understand software and hardware for critical applications. Since they also manufacture it really helps with sourcing the components.

Stephen Reagoso

We’ve been very pleased with our relationship. We see Thomas Instrumentation as a valuable partner and would like to continue leveraging the relationship, possibly into a full development project in the future.

Tim Sells

We contacted Thomas Instrumentation for two reasons, one was for an issue we had with data communication dropouts and the other was to resolve a Data Integrity issue with one of our clients. Thomas Instrumentation was very willing to help us out. For the first issue, they set up a lab environment to closely mimic our situation and began trouble-shooting to assist us in understanding our communication issue. Working closely together we were able to come up with a solution that met our client’s needs. For the other issue, the current software installed was missing some audit trail components that we needed to perform investigations and audit trail reviews. Thomas Instrumentation was more than willing to take our requirements and create a new version of software. The software met our requirements and this was all done in a timely manner. We were very happy with the ongoing communication during this time and the support we received was above the industry standard!

Mike Gera

I have been working with Thomas Instrumentation for over 15 years. During that time, T.I. has developed several proprietary industrial control platforms for my OEM needs. The environments that these controls operate in is a harsh one with extreme levels of static electricity present. There are very few board designers in existence today who could meet this challenge. T.I. has proven to be one of them. In addition to having a staff of highly competent hardware experts, a team of equally competent embedded systems programmers has worked closely and tirelessly with me to develop code for the machines. Thanks to them, one of our units now arguably has the most advanced, feature-rich, and intuitive HMI’s in our industry. I do not hesitate to recommend this company for almost any proprietary PCB needs.

Casey Halverson

It always was a challenge to find a contract manufacturer that you can trust and we are glad we discovered Thomas Instruments. Our tiny wildlife telemetry products, such as the LifeTag and ES400W, require extremely advanced assembly capabilities. Some of which needed to be engineered from the ground up. Not only did Thomas Instruments succeed where others failed, but they were able to manufacture our products with a very low failure rate. Thomas Instruments stands by the quality of their work and have been a great partner over the last several years.

Cliff Silva

The team at Thomas Instrumentation has designed, fabricated, and programmed custom controllers with touchscreen user interfaces for an entire product line of blood-banking equipment for us. They are very responsive to our needs, from both aesthetic and functional perspectives, and frequently offer suggestions for improvement. Their involvement has been paramount to the development of the product line, and allows us to successfully compete in the marketplace. Their depth and breadth of knowledge is an asset to us, and we will continue to work with them on future projects.