Our Services

Thomas Instrumentation has provided its customers with superior engineering support services since 1971. We have developed and manufactured robust, reliable, and successful systems for a variety of customers across multiple markets. Our years of experience coupled with our range of services allow us to bring your project visions to life.

In working with our company, customers can utilize us as a complete end-to-end solution or they can choose from our services in an “a la carte” manner. We would love to be your one-stop-shop for engineering expertise and contract manufacturing. For more detailed information, please visit the individual service pages. You can also visit the contact page and email or call us for further information. Below is a list of our services. Let us help you get your project started today!

Design & Engineering

Our engineers are experienced in analog, digital, touch screen, sensor, RF, and other circuitry. Please visit this page to see our full list of specialties.

Board Design & Layout

This service is the process of turning design schematics into a PCB layout. PCB design and layout is a critical piece of any hardware design and takes a knowledgeable person to complete properly.

Software Development

Our programmers have the ability to develop software for a large variety of microprocessors and for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android.


We firmly believe in the need to fully test hardware before moving a design into production. To ensure our final products are the best, we urge customers to invest in the prototyping phase of a project.

Parts Procurement

If you allow Thomas Instrumentation to handle the parts procurement for your product, then you can take advantage of our commonly stocked parts. This means your product will cost less because you benefit from our large volume orders of those parts.

SMT Production

Thomas Instrumentation has invested in cutting edge surface mount production equipment. Our SMT Line Supervisors have run lines for over 18 years and all SMT Line operators are trained by the equipment’s manufacturers.

Thru-Hole PCB & Wire-Harness Assembly

Our company has been manufacturing quality thru-hole boards and wire-harnesses since its creation in 1971. We have 3 full-time assemblers who take pride in their work. It’s not just about functionality and quality, but also aesthetics to them.


In this section we’re referring to the installation of the electronics into their final product enclosure. Our assemblers perform this task and enjoy seeing the completed project as we typically only ever see the board.


Thomas Instrumentation provides top quality control inspection. We have an X-Ray machine and an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine. We also visually inspect 100% of the product leaving our facility.


When clients select this service, we create unique test stands to functionally test the inputs, outputs, sensors, etc. on their electronics. We run 100% of the products leaving our facility through these test stands.


Each technician at Thomas Instrumentation has over 20 years’ experience in electronic circuitry and a large assortment of test equipment at their disposal. They along with our electrical engineers and software developers can almost always find the problem and figure out a solution.


No matter how good the design, there will always be a need for repairs. When that time comes, our technicians will always be here to evaluate the return.